AI-powered Automatic Gait Analysis

Predict, prevent and protect.

89% Accuracy

We offer powerful real time data you can use to assess fall risks across your entire community.

Minimal Setup Time & Space

Using just a Microsoft Kinect, TV and a measured walkway, no specialise equipment or sensors or laboratory setting are required.

Rapid Test Results

Capturing data over 4 meters walkway in less than 30 seconds, our highly intuitive ai and simple user interface deliver detailed report with over 50+ metrics.

Fall Risk Assessment


Long Good’s GaitBEST adopted AI Motion Analysis since 2013. Since then, GaitBEST has been USFDA approved and is currently available in 100+ healthcare institutions across 5 countries.

Taiwan • Japan  China • Hong Kong • Singapore • Thailand

Skeletal Tracking & Motion Capture

We measure over 25 joint data points in the human body to identify mobility deficits and compare gait metrics to normative data in real time.

Product Applications

Where we can help

Using Microsoft Kinect together with our industry leading motion AI Gait Analysis System, we provide enterprise grade innovative fall risk & international-standard gait parameters to provide verifiable objective evaluations.

Health Screening Tool

Our AI Gait Analysis System helps hospitals and clinics add proactive fall risk screening and functional dependency loss screening to their health checkup program and help seniors stay independent and healthy longer.

Medical Training

Our AI Gait Analysis System simplifies quantification and visualization of joint ROMs and spatiotemporal gait patterns. This helps medical schools improve their teaching efficiency.

Fall Risk Prediction in Senior Living

1 in 3 seniors fall yearly, and early identification of those at risk is key to prevention. Our fall risk screening tool facilitates proactive and regular screening to prevent falls.

Rehab Progress Tracking

Measuring progress systematically benefits both patients and therapists. Our system’s precise measurement of 25 joint coordinates and multiple ROMs can help achieve this.

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Gait Analysis made Easy

 Whether you serve aging communities or medical training, we help you generate actionable gait data quickly.